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Student Activities

AITE Ambassadors – Student ambassadors serve as representatives of AITE to both current and prospective families and students. During club meetings, students will learn how to answer questions about AITE and give guided tours during school events. They also prepare and lead ice-breaker activities and give tours to students during ninth grade orientation. Students receive volunteer hours for their participation in each of the events, like Information Sessions during new student recruitment.

Art – The Art Club is an after school activity that provides materials, instruction and support for those students who are seeking a creative outlet for their artistic expression. In addition to drawing and painting students will receive instruction in photography and basic Adobe Photoshop. Students can also learn about art history through videos, research, and projects.

Basketball – Students will develop sportsmanship, fitness and teamwork skills through participation in basketball drills and games.

Chess – students of all levels are encouraged to join the chess team where they will learn to improve their chess playing skills, meet new friends, and develop strategies and critical thinking skills through intermural type matches.

Debate – AITE’s Debate Team is a diverse group of students who are dedicated to furthering their public speaking and analysis skills by debating contemporary issues and competing in tournaments against some of the best debaters in Connecticut.

Drama – Students interested in all aspects of theater are encouraged to join this club. Experience is not required. Activities include theatrical exercises and on-campus performances.

E-Sports – e-Sports is varsity level gaming competition against other high schools from all over the US. Students can compete from the comfort of their homes using their PC/Console. Anyone who loves video games like League of Legends, Rocket League, or SMITE can participate. There are weekly practices and games. This is a competitive team sport or you can participate inperson during club time after school for friendly gaming.

Fairfield County Math League – The Fairfield County Math League is an interscholastic competition among 29 high schools in Fairfield County, both public and private. There are six matches throughout the year, always on the first Wednesday of the month from October to March. Students are scored individually and also as a team. In addition to the monthly meets, the team holds in-school practices twice a month.

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America is an organization that encourages business education on an extracurricular basis and helps develop a personal understanding of business related activities.

Financial Literacy – Students in this club will come to understand and use various personal finance skills including budgeting, saving, investing and borrowing to instill confidence, achieve important life goals, and achieve financial freedom.

Franklin Forum – places students in the arena of public debate, challenging them to think about issues and public policy, allowing them to test their opinions, hear opposing views, and debate current issues. The Forum teaches students how to disagree and still be agreeable even in a passionate exchange of ideas.

Girl-Up – Students in Girl Up come together to address issues that are relevant to young women and provide support to each other through mentoring, group discussion, and activities.

GSA – The Gender Sexuality Alliance strives to promote awareness of LGBTQIA+ topics, both in school and in the community, and serves as a safe space to for students to express themselves. This club is open to all students, not just those part of the LGBTQIA+ community, and supports creating a safe and welcoming environment in which students can learn. Interact – is Rotary International’s service club for students where the focus is on carrying out service projects and developing leadership skills through learning about and helping the local and global communities.

JSU – The Jewish Student Union (JSU) is a network of Jewish Culture clubs with over 10,000 student participants at 400+ schools. At JSU, you'll learn more about Jewish culture, try Jewish traditional foods, and get the chance to connect with Jewish students at AITE and from across the country. The AITE club meets every other Thursday in the Cyber Cafe, always with free pizza and a great time!

Medical Mentorship Club – Students in this club will learn about various careers in the health care field. Although it is open to all students, this program has become an after school extension of our PLTW Bio Medical Program, so it enhances the current curricular offerings during the school day. The goal of the Medical Mentorship Club (MMC) this year is to assess students’ general interests in the medical field and invite professionals from the medical field to speak to speak to the students about their experiences.

Model UN – Students in this club will discuss current world events as well engage in various political discussions surrounding significant political, social, and economic issues. In addition, this club would also inspire youth to become more active in political issues, analyze diverse perspectives on varied issues, and lastly, help them develop greater critical thinking skills.

MYLC – Mayor’s Youth Leadership Council is a student-run social activism club whose mission is to raise public awareness on mental health, suicide prevention, and sexual harassment Programming – Students at all levels will develop their programming skills through various projects and activities.

Red Cross - is an extension of the local Red Cross whose mission is to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. This club will give students an opportunity for training, leadership development, planning lifesaving projects, and the ability to participate in mission-related activities geared towards helping the community. They will also host fundraisers which will support various organizations in the U.S. and around the world.

RSPACEE – Students in this club work with SPS elementary students to plan age appropriate scientific discovery activities and lessons about earth and space to help them develop an understanding and interest about NASA space exploration, the scientific discovery process, and careers in the science field.

Table Top Gaming – Students with a common interest in fantasy and detective role playing games will collaborate on non-digital gaming in order to build social skills and create a positive school climate.

AITE After-School Activities

2023 - 2024

2:15pm - 3:15pm

Activity/Club Advisor Day(s) Location
AITE Ambassadors G. Schott Mondays (every other) Media Center
Art N. Kelly Mondays 101
Basketball S. Wolff Fridays (provide own transportation) gym
Chess M. Andino Mondays 207
Debate C. Morest Tuesdays (in person) / Thursdays @ 5:30pm Google classroom code: e2kk6dd 300/virtual
Drama A. Domini Tuesdays Media Center/Atrium
E-Sports B. Zanga Thursdays 311
Fairfield County Math League E. Weisz Mondays - practices (every other) / Wednesday - meets (1st of each month) 107
FBLA B. Zanga / R. Milo Tuesdays Google Classroom code - 7se4nr3 111/virtual
Financial Literacy G. Schott Mondays (every other) Media Center
Franklin Forum C. Morest Monday (1 per month) 300
Girl-Up M. DeAntonis Thursdays (every other) 304
GSA D. Stout Tuesdays 304
Interact M. DeAntonis Mondays (every other) 302
JSU D. Siderson Thursdays (every other) Cyber Cafe
Medical Mentorship P. Scollan Mondays Google Classroom code - dzxhcrk 314/virtual
Model UN N. DeAntonis Thursdays 302
MYLC L. Graziano Thursdays (every other) Cyber Cafe
Programming S. Peterson Thursdays 211
Red Cross D. Weber Tuesdays Google classroom code: djxpcf3 315/virtual
RSPACEE D. Weber Tuesdays (Scofield) / Fridays (Hart) Google Classroom code - hf35min 315/virtual
Table Top Gaming A. Pollicella Mondays 103