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AITE students will be required to complete a minimum of 12.5 hours of community service per year. This requirement gives students an opportunity to serve the local or global community in a positive way. It also fosters responsibility, understanding, and leadership in our students. Students are encouraged to volunteer at local non-profit organizations in and around the lower Fairfield County area. Students can also volunteer through our school’s Interact club. Students can also consult their guidance counselors for help finding community service opportunities. Proof of volunteer hours is required. Students who do not complete the yearly hours of community service may be required to do additional hours in their following year. Seniors who have not met the 50 total community service hours will not meet the requirements for graduation.

Definition: Community service is voluntary time, without compensation, spent on selfless acts which benefit the school or wider community.

Not included are the following:

  • Community service for academic credit or course requirement (e.g., student aide)
  • Mandated community service (e.g., in lieu of detention or suspension)
  • Anything one is paid to do or which is done for a family member

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