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School Counseling Services

AITE School Counseling Department 2023-2024

Christine Bisceglie 203-977-4342
Josh Bogard 203-977-6637
Maria Deantonis 203-977-6134
Mark DeSimone 203-977-0841
Brenda Renovolas (Spanish Speaker) 203-977-4349
Ena Morrobel (Parent Facilitator / Spanish Speaker) 203-977 - 0838
Jaclyn Cordes (School Counseling Intern)  


The mission of the Stamford Public Schools Counseling Department is to empower students to be self-aware, to take ownership of their academic growth, and to plan for the future. This will be accomplished through the equitable delivery of a comprehensive school counseling program. 

Our Stamford Public Schools graduates will:  

Participate as responsible and productive members of society.

Advocate for themselves and others.

Collaborate effectively.

Develop a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and personal well-being.  

Engage in lifelong learning.  

Use critical thinking skills.

Adapt to an ever-changing global society.

The School Counselors of the Stamford Public Schools believe the following: 

All students can succeed.

We are advocates for students, families, and for our profession.

Collaborating with students, families, staff and community will enhance connectedness.

All students can grow in mind, body, and heart. 

Using data will help to evaluate and support both student and program needs. 

Student self-awareness contributes to college and career success.