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2022 Summer AP Course Assignments - AITE


The following AP class assignments are for Summer 2022.  If there is no link for your AP class, there are no summer assignments.

AP Class Assignment
AP Biology - Ms. Smith Assignment
AP Calculus - Mr. Andino Assignment
AP ECE Envirionmental Science - Mr. Zarra Assignment
AP Language and Composition 11th grade - Ms. Yates Assignment
AP ECE Literature - Mr. Stout Assignment

AP ECE Microeconomics - Ms. Harrison

AP Physics - Dr. Yang Assignment
AP Spanish - Ms. Angileri Assignment
AP U.S. History - Dr. DeAntonis & Mr. Morest Assignment


Attachment Size
PDF icon _ap_ece_summer_assignment_2022_physics_1.pdf 1.01 MB
PDF icon 2022_ap_language_and_composition_11th_grade_summer_assignment.pdf 225.31 KB
PDF icon ap_biology_summer_assignment_2022-2023.pdf 395.98 KB
PDF icon ap_calculus_summer_assignment_andino_2022-2023.pdf 351.1 KB
PDF icon ap_ece_environmental_science.pdf 945.04 KB
PDF icon ap_ece_spanish_summer_assignment.pdf 9.63 KB
File ap_microeconomics.docx 10.58 KB
PDF icon apush_summer_assignment_2022_.pdf 386.63 KB
PDF icon ap_ece_literature_summer_assignment_2022-2023.docx.pdf 112.49 KB