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2022 Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Project:
All Grades
All Teachers
(Specific summer assignments for English AP courses will be posted to our website under
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Ready Player Two Book Cover

Every student at AITE as well as your teachers and staff are reading the book Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline this summer. In the fall, the novel will be discussed in all of your classes. It is available for purchase in bookstores. The other book is your choice; read whatever you like. Although the assignment asks for two books only, we hope that you will continue to read all summer.

Summer Procedures:
1. Read Ready Player Two and a second novel of your choice.
2. Complete 5 passages and responses for each book (10 total).

The Responses:
Use the format below for responding to the texts. These responses are intended to prove you
have done the reading: Only through submitting assigned responses can you receive credit for
the summer reading project.


Find five passages that span the length of each book (that means beginning, middle, and end).
     ♦ Include page #s.
     ♦ Check the sample for specific directions.
     ✔ Include the bibliographical information on the book.
+Anything copied from the text needs quotation marks.
+Quote=material copied (word for word)

From the text (Number each)
     1. Write the passage here and page number. You must copy at least one complete sentence.
     2. Write background information to explain the context of your chosen quote. Why I chose it (Not a plot summary!)
     3. Explain in a short paragraph (5-7 complete sentences) why you have chosen the passage.
     Why I chose it options
          ❖ Is this an example of exemplary writing?
          ❖ Can you make a connection (between the text and your life, or between the text and other “entertainment forms”)?
          ❖ Can you make a prediction?
          ❖ Is this a key moment in a character’s life, a place where you see a major change?
          ❖ Does the passage help you interpret the book’s title?
          ❖ Is this important information about a key character?
     *Choose one bullet per response
     *Make sure to use a variety of response types

DUE DATES: Thursday and Friday SEPTEMBER 15th and 16th!



Tital of text: (underlined or italicized): Defiance
Author: Nechama Tec
Copyright date: 1993
Total number of pages in book: 296

     From the text

          1. Pages 28-29
               “The officer of this second group issued an order… Any Jew found at the time will be shot.”
          2. Background Information:  When German Army units arrive in a town checking for Jews who are not permanently living in that specific town to get them out.
          3. Why I chose it
After reading this passage it showed to me that you have to be very careful who you trust. When they thought that they had a friend, he turned out to not be a friend at all and had them killed. This to me seems like a great line “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”. When reading this it brought back many memories, not necessarily of people being dishonest with me. More of things I have seen throughout my life of people being dishonest to others. This passage reminds you to not be so quick about who you trust and makes you sometimes think twice about it.

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