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Ms. Rivera , Principal

Ms. Prince, Assistant Principal

Mr. Cozza, Assistant Principal

Ms. Rivera's Weekly Communication

September 29, 2023

Dear AITE Family,

 Next Friday, October 6 is the half-way point between the start of the school year and the first quarter.  You can check your children’s progress at any time throughout the year by looking at their grades on Power School.  Please contact your children’s teachers directly if you have any questions or concerns, especially since there is still plenty of time for students to make improvements from now until the quarter ends.

 Kind Regards,

 Ms. Rivera


COVID Dashboard

AITE had 4 reported COVID cases this week.


Here is the link to SPS’ BOE Attendance/High School Regulations 5113A:   

BOE Attendance Policy

Absence Documentation

Written documentation is required from a parent/guardian upon the date of the student’s return from an absence.  It can be sent in one of two ways:

1. by email to from the parent or

2. a written note from the parent sent directly to the office

The documentation must contain the date(s) of and the reason for the student's absence from school. Parents should contact their child's school counselor regarding the collection of homework assignments if their child will be out for several days.

Authorized Free Period – Seniors Only

Seniors who have accumulated 20 credits by the end of their junior year may apply for an authorized free period.  Seniors who remain on campus during this time must report to the Media Center or Senior Lounge, unless they have a pass from a staff to be in a different location for a specific purpose.  A parent/guardian must complete the Permission for an Authorized Free Period Form before the senior is granted this privilege. Permission for an Authorized Free Period Parents must complete this form by Tuesday or counselors will begin scheduling seniors into classes where they have an opening.

Seniors, who are eligible for an Authorized Unassigned Period, are still bound by the policies and expectations pertaining to personal conduct and behavior as outlined in the Student Handbook, District Policies and Regulations including the District’s Open Campus Policy and Regulation (#5112), and will be subject to disciplinary action for violations.

PowerSchool Forms

Here is a screen shot of the forms that are currently in the Parent Portal of PowerSchool:

Please check the links embedded in other areas of this email for forms that are required to request permission to park on campus, request a locker, and for seniors to have an authorized free period. They are in blue.

PSATs – Save the Date

All students in grades 10 and 11 will be taking the PSAT exam on Wednesday, October 11.  Students in grades 9 and 12 will have a 3 and a half-hour delayed start.  You will receive a separate letter with more information about the PSATs from Ms. Prince, who coordinates this assessment.

Senior Portrait Dates

Legacy Studios will be at AITE to photograph seniors for the Yearbook on the following dates by appointment only: October 18, 19, and 20, and November 6 and 30.  Seniors will be photographed in a graduation gown and stole for the Yearbook; however, they may wear other attire if you are going to purchase a package.  There will be no additional dates, so please make sure your senior schedules an appointment so they are included in the Yearbook.  Please use this link to schedule your appointment:  Senior Portraits

Special Bell Schedule – Monday, October 2

We will follow a Connection Time schedule on Monday, October 2 so all students can complete the DESSA student self-report in their Connection Time classes. Students can see their Connection Time teacher and room location on Power School.  Please see my attached letter for more information on the DESSA.  Seniors who have an authorized free period should report to school by 8:40 am on Monday.  Connection Time will take place between periods B1 and B2.  Classes will be slightly abbreviated.

Student Parking on Campus

Students’ use of motor vehicles at AITE is a privilege granted by the school to authorized students only. Students who have not completed this form must park off campus, until we receive it: Student Parking on Campus Form 

Student vehicles may only be parked in the lot adjacent to the tennis courts.  Students may not park in any other areas, which are designated for staff and visitors.  Students are subject to the rules, regulations and administrative guidelines in the parking regulations and must comply with all state laws.  Students who violate these rules/laws are subject to disciplinary consequences appropriate for the circumstances, including but not limited to loss of the privilege. 

Upcoming Events 

Administration of the DESSA                        Monday, October 2

Progress Report Grades                                  Friday, October 6

Columbus Day – No School                           Monday, October 9

School Day PSAT Day                                   Wednesday, October 11

Early Release for Students                             Wednesday, October 25


DESSA Parent Letter