As a part of the curriculum, AITE issues all students laptop computers for their use while enrolled at AITE, and provides access to two web services (eChalk and Office 365) to enhance their learning experience. This website contains information regarding both aspects. This site will be updated with additional information as we get closer to the start of the school year.

Overview of Office 365


  • How to Submit a Support Ticket

    How to submit a ticket:

    Note: [This system only works while you are at school and on our network!] If you're home, see further down

    1)      While on AITE’s campus, navigate to this website: https://aitesupport (ignore/accept any certificate errors)

    2)      Login using your student ID # (same as on your schedule) and password (same as you use to login to your laptop)

    3)      Enter your eChalk email address (this step is very important) ex: studentname@aitestamford.org

    4)      Enter a subject

    5)      Enter the description of the issue you’re experiencing. Be detailed! It will save you time in the long run

    6)      Click Submit Request

    7)      Await a response from a technician; you will receive responses and updates through your Office 365 (AITE) email very quickly and can also view replies through the support page.


    How to submit a ticket if you are unable to use your laptop to access the Ticket System (eg. At home or if laptop is inoperable):

    1)      Send an email from your Office 365 (AITE email) to aitesupport@aitestamford.org

    2)      Be sure to include the same information as in steps 4+5 above.


    Student Technology Resources
  • Laptop Distribution and Tech Support Information (Support Ticket Submission)



    Please see the attached file for information about your laptop for this school year, which includes how to submit a support ticket.




    Student Technology Resources