eChalk has made Parent Accounts available to AITE Parents. eChalk Parent Accounts provide read only access to their child’s eChalk account, exactly how their student sees it. This includes the ability to view Assignments*, Class Events, and more. This service does not provide school-issued email addresses, as that service has been discontinued.

However, the process is different than what you may be used to. Instead of filling out a request form and the eChalk Administrators creating an account, parents can now self-register. However, the process requires participation from both the student and the parent. Please read the information below on how to get started.

*While eChalk has a gradebook feature, it is not actively used by teachers. Instead, the PowerSchool gradebook should be consulted for up to date information. Teachers may choose to post grades on eChalk and PowerSchool, but they are not obligated to post to eChalk. Your child has been informed of your teachers’ intentions.

All parents who have had an account in previous school years will need to re-register with the form below as our systems have changed.

As a user of this service, you agree to the following:

  • This service is to be utilized to communicate on AITE business, and should not be used for other e-mail contact.
  • You will make every attempt to protect the network from harm by others.
  • You will follow the same rules of conduct for computer usage as mentioned in the Student’s Acceptable Use Policy. This includes, but is not limited to, the following prohibitions:
    • Sending any form of harassing, threatening, or intimidating message, at any time, to any person (such communications may also be a crime, pursuant to Public Act 95-143, and other laws)
    • Gaining or seeking to gain unauthorized access to computer systems or files of another person
    • Using another person’s password
    • Sending any message that breaches the district’s confidentiality requirements, or the confidentiality of students.
    • Sending any copyrighted material over the system without proper attribution.
  • You will report any problems with the system directly to


As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s progress in their classes, please contact your child’s Guidance Counselor.

What the Student Needs to Do

Each Student has been assigned a unique and random ID code that their parent(s) can use to set themselves up. The student will need to go into their eChalk account, click on their name/avatar and select “My Account”, and then click on Parent Access. On that page, they should make note of their unique code. Then, they will need to provide that unique code to their parent.

What the Parent Needs to Do

The parent will then need to take the unique code from their student, and go to our website, There, they will click on the eChalk Login Link under the Logins menu item. At the bottom of the page is a link to create a new account. They should then enter their personal email address, and the code provided by their child. Once that is done, they will receive an email to confirm the account and finish setting up their profile. Once complete, they will have read-only access to their child’s eChalk classes and groups.

Additional Notes

  • It is very important to note that eChalk Site Administrators and AITE Staff do not have access to and cannot provide individual students’ join codes. Your child MUST provide this to you from their account.

  • Parents that have multiple children at AITE should get each child’s unique join code, and then register under the first child. Once the first child has been registered, they can go to the My Account link in the top right corner and select “Connect” to enter another join code for another child.

  • Parent access to eChalk accounts is strictly view-only. While you may see features that would allow submissions of assignments, they will not work. Basically, what you see is exactly what your child sees, except in a read-only format.

If you have questions regarding the set up process, please email Do not email this address requesting join codes, we cannot provide them. Your child must provide it to you.